[v4.49] Creating jobs
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    [v4.49] Creating jobs

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    To create a job in MOXIS, click on the button + Create Job.

    Button + Create jobButton + Create job 

    Start by uploading a document. In the form on the left, you can then create iteration and fill in the required data for the job. 

    Create new jobCreate new job


    Once you have uploaded a document, you can fill in additional fields.

    Edit job detailsEdit job details


    You can still change the signature type as well as the Recipient at any time.

    The following job data can/must be entered:

    1. Main document (MANDATORY): The PDF document to be signed or approved.
    2. Attachments: By default, the system is configured to enable the optional uploading of up to ten attachments. Attachments are for the information of job recipients and are not signed in case of a standard configuration. If the "PDF container option" is configured in the signature process, the "entire package" consisting of the main document and attachments is signed. In this case, the attachments are part of the main document. Depending on the configuration, attachments may be restricted to specific file types.
    3. Template: If a template has been defined, one can be selected here (see [v4.49] Working with templates overview).
    4. Recipients (MANDATORY): The job recipients are to be listed here. Depending on the configuration, the search can be performed by first and last name or e-mail address. Both registered MOXIS users and external signers (optional) can be invited. With one click on the TO: button you can open the address book and add recipients directly from it.
    5. Job Description: There is the option of providing a description of the job.
    6. Category: The job can optionally be assigned to a category.
    7. Timeout date (MANDATORY): The expiration date sets how much time all signing and approving persons involved in the job must complete it.

    Upload attachmentUpload attachment 


    When you add a photo as an attachment, a preview is displayed so you can check if you have selected the correct file. To do this, open the respective tab. For very large files, scroll bars make it easier for you to check.

    Preview of uploaded imagePreview of uploaded image


    Please note that certain file types (e.g. txt) are not displayed in the preview. However, if the upload of such files was successful, this is indicated accordingly.

    Preview not availablePreview not available


    If you upload a file with an invalid format according to the configuration or which exceeds the allowed file size, you will receive a corresponding error message.



    The permitted formats and file sizes are displayed in the input screen (see figure Upload attachment) and depend on the system configuration of your MOXIS instance!

    Error message for invalid file formatError message for invalid file format



    Error message for invalid file sizeError message for invalid file size



    If you click on HomeJobsor one of the options in the drop-down menu in the user menu during the creation of a job, a pop-up informs you that there are unsaved changes. If you click on the Stay on page button, you can continue processing the job. With Update draft the job will be saved under drafts, but afterwards you will be redirected to the overview page. If you want to discard the design, select the option Leave page.

    Notification concerning unsaved changesNotification concerning unsaved changes

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